Our Legal Fees-Fixed or Hourly-Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers

We at Astute Legal will assist you in tailoring our legal fees to suit your budget.

From the outset of your matter, we will estimate and fully disclose our anticipated fees (whether by hourly rates or fixed fees) and disbursements.

In some matters, we will be able to provide you with a fixed fee agreement. These matters include:

  • The sale or purchase of land;
  • The sale or purchase of a small business;
  • Advising on franchisor/franchisee agreements;
  • Advising on mortgage documents;
  • Drafting wills and power of attorneys;

In the event fee disclosure is difficult due to any number of possible variables specific to your matter, we will then provide you with our best estimate (or range of estimates), of our fees.

In our experience, changes in circumstances can sometimes arise in our clients matters, which are beyond our anticipation, or control. If a significant increase in your legal costs could occur because of these changes, we will advise you on their impact, and provide you with a revised fee estimate.

From the initial consultation,until the conclusion of your matter,we at Astute Legal will not only advise you on all possible legal avenues which are available to you, but will also advise you on ways you can minimise your legal costs, without compromising the high quality in service we are committed to providing you.

In this way, you take control over your legal costs, not us.

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