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Booking an appointment

Whenever possible our solicitors will endeavour to meet your earliest convenient appointment request.

To streamline that process, appointments can be conveniently arranged through our Book An Appointment e-form.

Simply complete a few preliminary fields then select your preferred date, time and office, and we will contact you promptly to confirm your appointment.

Taking instructions

If Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers is able to undertake your matter, our solicitors will provide you with full disclosure of your likely costs, prior to commencing work on your matter.

If your matter involves complex litigation, we will provide our best estimates or range of estimates, for each stage of your matter. Please visit our Legal Fees page.

Our solicitors will then begin work on your instructions as soon as possible after they have been received.

Handling client funds

At any stage of your matter, we may request you provide us with money in advance, on account of our anticipated legal costs and disbursements in your matter. This money is referred to as Trust funds.

When we receive clients trust funds, those funds must be deposited into our general statutory solicitors trust account, separate from our normal operating accounts. Pursuant to the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (N.S.W.), we must account for those trust funds under a separate ledger for each client. Where a client concurrently has more than one active matter with us, we must also account for that client's trust funds for each matter, under separate ledgers.

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers utilises sophisticated computer software for managing and accounting for our clients trust funds.

Where we are holding your trust funds, we will always be able to tell you precisely how much money we are holding.

All withdrawals and/or third party disbursements will only be made by us in accordance with your instructions or our costs agreement with you, or in accordance with clause 88 of the Legal Profession Regulation 2005 (NSW).

Accepting payments

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers has electronic banking facilities at both our offices in order to process most leading credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club cards.

Alternatively, we also provide for our clients convenience, a secure online form for making payments by any one of the above credit cards.

Practice management

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers relies on practice management systems to ensure the best quality in professional service is delivered to all our clients.

To ensure your client files are always secure and are accounted for, we rely on a computerised colour coded lateral filing system.

In this way, your files can always be easily located within our offices.

At the conclusion of your matter, your file is retained for seven years by a third party contracted by us. At any time during this retention period you have the option of accessing one or more files relating to a matter you have had with us, at a small service charge.

For facilitating this purpose, we print a unique barcode on the cover of each of your matter files, and retain a scanned image of your file cover sheet. We can also provide you with the option of obtaining scanned electronic copies of, say your entire files, or just selected documents contained within one of those files, at a reasonable service charge.

Our practice management software also retains vital information about your matter, and stores important matter documents and correspondence in electronic form, for ease in latter retrieval or reference.

Legal resources

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers subscribes to most of the leading online legal precedent suites and resources, in order for our practitioners to keep abreast of developments occurring within the law, and to deliver the most cost effective and quality legal services to all of our clients, including you.

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